The #1 trusted brand worldwide manufactured
with the highest quality standards.

Helps identify corneal and conjunctival deformities, thus guaranteeing outstanding results.

Unique formula, that facilitates the process of gas permeable contact lens fitting, as well as new generations of specialized contact lenses
such as hybrid and scleral.

Packaging: 100 Strips

When fitting soft disposable or soft
specialized contact lenses; the high molecular fluorescein becomes your
best allied thanks to its stainless effect.

User friendly and convenient to use
formula, which generates a premium fluorescence effect. Mostly utilized on
preliminary eye diagnosis.

Your fittings will be more
precise from now on!

Packaging: 100 Strips

Best solution to help detect degenerated Cells, dead cells, and mucous fibrils.

Essential for the diagnosis of different types of tear dysfunctions; allows to detect the severeness, evolution, and the efficiency of the treatment.

Indispensable in the fitting process of contact lenses, given that it helps to quickly and efficiently identify the lending zone of the lens that generates intolerance.

Packaging: 100 Strips

Steril schirmers strips graduated and indicated to measure tear levels.

Developed and manufactured to
provide an easier and precise reading.

Packaging: 100 Strips