Thorough cleaning

The active substance Polysorbate 80 in Oté Fine provides a thorough cleaning of proteins and lipids.

Ultimate wearing comfort

HPMC ensures an increased viscosity of Oté Fine. This improves comfortable insertion and wearing comfort. Oté Fine is also an eminently suitable solution for night contact lenses.

Strong antimicrobial activity

Along with a thorough cleaning effect, Oté Fine also has strong disinfecting properties. PHMB prevents the growth of bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

Oté Fine

All-In-One solution for optimum cleaning and comfort.

Definition: This All-In-One solution for RGP contact lenses, provides optimum cleaning and comfort. This fluid also has very good disinfecting quality’s and is ideal for orthok contact lenses.
Composition: Active ingredient: Polysorbate 80 & HPMC
Preservative: Polyhexanide Biguanide
Purpose: Cleaning, disinfecting, preserving, put in and wetting of RGP contact lenses.
Available in: Starter Pack (1x40ml + lens case)
100ml Pack (1x100ml + lens case)
200ml Pack (1x200ml + lens case)
Multi Pack (2x200ml + lens case)

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