Strong cleaning action and sensational comfort

Oté Sensation is an innovative all-in-one solution which combines safety with comfort thanks to the double disinfecting
system and the addition of a high quality Hyaluronate.

Double antibacterial action

Besides its optimal wearing comfort, Oté Sensation also has very strong disinfecting properties thanks to the synergetic effect of two disinfectants: PHMB and Polyquaternium. The result is that Oté Sensation scores well above the ISO 14279 norm1 , which makes it possible to wear contact lenses safely.

Softness due to Hyaluronate

The natural lubricant Hyaluronate compensates for the drying of the eye and the contact lens, resulting in even greater wearing comfort. Oté Sensation contains a premium quality Hyaluronate made using an environmentally-friendly, water-based process. It therefore does not contain any animal or toxic substances, which makes it work stably and safely.

Oté Sensation

Innovative all-in-one solution with duo antibacterial system and extra wearing comfort due to the addition of high quality Sodium Hyaluronate.

Definition: Besides thorough protein removal, this innovative Hyaluronic solution has a double antibacterial action. By the addition of high quality Hyaluronate, Oté Sensation offers sensationally high wearing comfort.
Composition: PHMB, Polyquaternium, Hyaluronate.
Purpose: Clean, insert, condition, hydrate and remove protein layer, disinfect, rinse and moisten all types of soft contact lenses.
Available in: Starter Pack (1x100ml + lens case) 360ml Pack (1x360ml + lens case) Multi Pack (3x360ml + 1x100ml + lens case)

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