How Does It Work?

The Orion Vision Group is a contact lens company that specializes in custom contact lenses that are not available from the major contact lens manufacturers. Among the products available from the Orion Vision Group are custom-tinted contact lenses for special needs patients such as those with ocular injuries.
This technology is also available for people with astigmatism, those with high prescriptions, and those needing bifocal contact lenses who also want a custom cosmetic tint in their contacts.

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bioColors™ are custom-made opaque lenses. With 22 opaque colors and two different iris patterns, patients can select from a vast number of color combinations. These lenses are available in both custom sphere and custom toric prescriptions.

bioColors™ prosthetic custom lenses are for patients with a wide variety of eye disorders and injuries. Our soft prosthetic lenses provide new hope in redefining discolored or misshapen pupils, amblyopia, and other ocular anomalies.

Fitting guide

  • 5 lenses – X Iris series
  • 17 lenses – V Iris series
  • 4 lenses – Underprints
  • 1 lens – E Limbal Ring
  • 1 lens – V Starburst
  • 1 lens – 5.0 Black Pupil
  • 1 lens – Toric clear
  • 4 lenses – Color blended
  • 1 Diagnostic tool

X series

V series

Lens parameters

+20.00 to – 20.00
in 0.25 diopter steps

Polymacon 38%
Methafilcon 55%

Up to -10.00
in 0.25 diopter steps

13.0 to 22.0 mm

From 1 to 180
in 0.25 diopter steps

Base Curve
7.7 to 9.5


bioSport™ lenses are custom lenses designed to enhance visual acuity for a variety of sporting
activities. The colors available are Amber, Bolle Blue, Gray/Green, Green, SunTac and Yellow.


bioMed™ Lenses are designed for patients who experience migraines, photophobia, eye strain
and difficulties with glare. Colors are available in Blue Blocker, Cobalt, Lavender, Migraine 55,
Red and Teal.


Gothika® lenses come in many styles and colors. Most of our popular lenses are also available in correction form plano 0.00 to – 6.00. Rx = available for prescription.

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